Ryan is available for advising engagements and opportunities for needs involving:

  • Improve productivity (and the bottom line) by changing the approach of how you care for and support your staff.

  • Impact your company and your community by getting diversity, equity and inclusion right. It’s harder than you think.

  • Transform your organization by having a strong purpose, vision and values.

  • Implement systems, structures and rhythms to keep your people aligned, aware and engaged.

  • Immediately impact your organization by focusing on the best core philosophies. There’s so much out there to wade through and explore — it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming and difficult. I will introduce you to three high level, all encompassing philosophies that will add a clear direction, focus and longterm health for virtually any company.

  • Improve employee engagement. It’s easier than you’d think.

  • The unbelievable, tangible impact on your people and your business upon becoming a certified B Corp.