My name is Ryan. I’m a husband, a father, a dreamer and I spend most of my time thinking about people and human systems -- constantly deconstructing the status quo, pushing the boundaries, and searching for a better way to do things.

An advocate of creators, makers and artists, I once gave a TED Talk about "leading creatives amidst a modern landscape" and I've traveled far and wide sharing my ideas and experiences on topics of music, branding, and leadership at places like SXSW, CMJ Music Festival, TechFestNW, MusicFestNW, NextCon, The University of Montana, Lewis & Clark College, Southern Oregon University, and beyond.

I'm a member of The Guild of Music Supervisors and I've served on the Board of Governors for The Recording Academy (The Grammys). I'm active in the Portland, Oregon Chapter of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and I'm currently pursuing related coursework at MIT and The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

I have the privilege of leading the absolute best collection of creative human beings on the planet. It all happens at a music agency I’ve built called Marmoset. It's my sandbox.

The aim of this journal is to share some of the more fascinating and impactful experiences of my journey. And moreover, to share a new way of leading and achieving high performance among teams of people. I call it Nurture Theory and over time, I will distill it all here.